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CASE Connected Permanent Jewelry Info + FAQ's

Permanent jewelry has become a popular, unique and fashionable way to show a commitment to or commemorate a friendship, special relationship or just to show your own individual style. 

women's forearm and wrist with seven different gold chain bracelets    women's hand and wrist with three different types of gold chain bracelets

What is Permanent Jewelry?
Permanent jewelry simply means that a piece of delicate chain will be custom fitted to you as either a bracelet, necklace and/or an anklet and will be welded on without a clasp. 
Is the welding process painful?
Not at all-you won't feel anything!! It is a quick process and we use multiple safety precautions to protect you and ourselves. 
Is Permanent Jewelry removable?
Permanent jewelry is meant to be worn 24/7 but can easily be removed with a pair of kitchen scissors or jewelry cutters by cutting the link that was welded at your original visit. Be sure to keep your chain and you can visit us at a pop up event to have it rewelded for a fee of $15 or email us at to schedule a time to have it rewelded.
What if my Permanent Jewelry breaks or stretches?
If something happens within the first two weeks of getting your permanent jewelry we will gladly reweld at no charge. Be sure to keep your chain and you can either visit us at a pop up event or send us an email at After two weeks we charge a nominal $15 fee to have it rewelded.
The variety of chains we use are delicate in nature and that is for your safety. If your permanent jewelry gets caught on something, it is meant to break or stretch as to not harm you.
What type of jewelry do we weld?
We weld 14K Gold filled and Sterling Silver chains.
How long will my permanent jewelry last?
As long as you take care of your permanent jewelry it should last a very long time.
Can I wear my Permanent Jewelry through airport security?
Absolutely! You won't have any issues there but may have to remove for an MRI scan or surgery.
Can I get my Permanent Jewelry wet?
Yes! You can do all the same activities you always have with your permanent jewelry-shower, swim, sunless tanner, sweat nor sunscreen should affect you PJ.
How old do you need to be?
We will apply PJ to anyone over the age of 10. A parent or guardian must be present for those 14 years or younger.
Does Permanent Jewelry require maintenance?
The 14K Gold filled is maintenance free. You may occasionally need to use a jewelry cloth to clean any Sterling Silver.