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  1. Flourish Abstract Print Top
  1. Julian Animal Print Top
  1. Ibiza Hi-Low Dress
  1. Elodie Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress
  1. Felicity Ruffle Sleeve Top
  1. Beaded Teardrop Earrings, Earrings, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Gold Oval Ring, Rings, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Layne Ruffle Shoulder Top
  1. Islamorada Shorts Set
  1. Bellini Ruffle Sleeve Top
  1. Wave Ring, Rings, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Hammered Gold Ring, Rings, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Watch Ring
  1. Beaded Cuff Ring, Rings, White, White
  1. Herringbone + Ball Necklace, Necklaces, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Gold Cuff Necklace, Necklaces, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Black Stone Pendant Necklace, Necklaces, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Green Beaded Heart Necklace, Necklace, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Striped Heart Necklace, Necklace, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. White Flower Pendant Necklace, Necklace, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Lake Blue Bracelet Set, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Teal Green Bracelet Set, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Butterfly Bracelet Set, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Natural Straw Crossbody | Cognac, Handbags, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Speckled Lucite Buckle Natural Belt, Belts, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Luna Kimono Midi Dress, Dresses, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. WB Bracelet Stack, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. OBX Bracelet Stack, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. PKS Bracelet Stack, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. OIB Bracelet Stack, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. BHI Bracelet Stack, Bracelets, [variant_title], [option1]
  1. Ophelia Halter Neck Maxi, Dresses, [variant_title], [option1]
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